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Thank you in advance for your valuable contribution to Royal Geelong Yacht Club. By completing this registration form you will be assisting us in the planning and delivery of our events and Club activities for the 2019/20 season.

Importantly, this information will also be used to update our current database with your most recent contact information. If your availability, circumstances relating to volunteering or contact details change for any reason after completing this form, please update your details via the 'My Profile' page.


You will need your Working With Children Check card information and an image of your card to complete your registration. We suggest that you take a photo of your WWCC card, save it on your computer then browse the files and upload the image as requested below. 

For further assistance please contact the Club on (03) 5229 3705 or email us at  

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It is a Government requirement that all volunteers & staff at sporting clubs or events that may involve children hold a valid Working with Children Check. If you do not hold a current WWCC, you can apply for one at (FREE for volunteers). If you are from outside of VIC, please supply your state's/countries equivalent of a WWCC details below.
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Terms and Conditions

Royal Geelong Yacht Club
Volunteer Terms and Conditions
Royal Geelong Yacht Club is committed to providing an environment in which people are safe, treated fairly and equitably and is free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.  We welcome applications from people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and all backgrounds.

I acknowledge that sailing events conducted by Royal Geelong Yacht Club may have risks associated with event activities.

I will behave in a safe manner and help to reduce the risk to myself and others.  Royal Geelong Yacht Club holds Voluntary Workers Insurance  which will only apply to those people up to the age of 80  engaged in voluntary work authorised by and under the control of Royal Geelong Yacht Club.  

I agree that when I am a volunteer on duty at an event run by RGYC I will have a zero blood alcohol content and will not be affected by any other drugs. 

I acknowledge that some roles may require strenuous physical activity that may not be suitable for some volunteers.  

The Royal Geelong Yacht Club Emergency Management Plan is available below.

Emergency Management Plan

RGYC reserves the right to assign roles / tasks to ensure safety and success for the volunteer and the event.

Event specific induction, operational and safety documents will be available prior to and during each event.

Code of Conduct
Royal Geelong Yacht Club and its volunteers are governed by the Rules and By-Laws of the Club and the Codes of Conduct included in the Australian Sailing Member Protection Policy.

Read the Member Protection Policy using the button below. The Codes of Conduct are in Attachment B of the policy.

Member Protection Policy

Volunteers are required to comply with the Codes of Conduct and avoid unacceptable behavior at all times.

I agree to terms and conditions
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